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Thomas Pacconi Jewelry Armoire

Thomas pacconi was an american jeweler and armoire décorateur who created intellectual property of the 20th century. His jewelry box armoire blue hydrangeda floral is made of high-quality materials and is a great addition to any home or office.

Thomas Pacconi Classics Jewelry Armoire Price

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Thomas Pacconi Jewelry Armoire Ebay

This is a beautiful hand-painted jewelry box from thepaschal period. It is blue hydrangea floral and has a small tinkerbell figure inside. The box has a lot of thomas pacconi's personality into it, including his innocence and love for nature. The box is filled with his beautiful jewelry and accessories, and is a great addition to any home. this thomas pacconi museum seriesjewelryartsy measures 36x15 inches and is covered in 18k goldtone pearl and diamondéd armor. The armoire de chevreuse is featuring a set of 36 white gold tourmaline earrings. On the sides of the arco are featured gems and ornaments such as pendants and straps. The entire piece is destroyed only by the fire of the sun and the rain at night. This thomas pacconi armory is an excellent addition to any home or officepiece. this thomas pacconi jewelry armoire is a beautiful bluehydrangea floral design with contrasts of black and white materials. The pendant off-center earrings are in black, making the overall design look black and white. The necklace is in white gold leaf, making it strong andsimple. The pendant is in a black over sterling silver fill. The off-center earrings are great for making contrast and contrast textured. The necklace is finished with a black beaded hanger with a hydrangedate. this thomas pacconi museum seriesjewelry armoire series 36 is in the? re style with a paisley fabric design and a deep blue anello fabric light up scheme. The earrings are a mischele series pendant with a deep blue anello fabric light up scheme and white gold statement setting. The necklace is a mischele series 9 inch long golden necklace with a deep blue anello fabric light up scheme and white gold statement setting. The role is a thomas pacconi museum series jewelry set.